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Valpara - Muthuvankudi


                           Stretch of four consecutive holidays ahead, and as usual, we started our planning much earlier. This time we opted for Valparai via Athirappilli. Set out by around 3 PM on 9th of April and we were to reach Athirappilli Motel Aram, run by KTDC, where we had arranged our stay for the first day. Route was Trivandrum – Ernakulam – Chalakkudi – Athirappilli. Our vehicle , Alto, was under immense strain, as we had to reach Athirappilli before getting too late. Apart from a little wander in search of Dosa, on which Renchi was much insistent, our journey till Chalakkudi was some what smooth. 

           We were at Chalakkudi by around 9.30 PM and had a hard time in locating the deviation to Athirappilli. Hit Motel Aram by 10.30, tired and empty bellied. Sunil had booked the entire hotel for us – (It has only two rooms ha ha...). Food was good but night wasn’t smooth, as the fan in the room was not a match for the April’s temper.

10 – 4 – 2009