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Edamalayar : The hidden potential

In and around Edamalayaar 

                     From Thommankuthu, we reached Keerampara, via Kothamangalam town, where the road splits into two. Last night we took the right, which leads to Thattekkad, and tonight it’s the left, to Edamalayaar, across the Bhoothathankettu barrage. Stopped a while atop the barrage, and the sight of gushing water below, in the moonlight, took away sometime. There’s a forest check post, just after the barrage, and we were in the reserve. Just two kms from the check post, the road splits into two. A sign board indicates left to Edamalayaar and right to Vadattupara. If you are traveling after 6 in the evening, never try the left, for there is an unmanned gate on the way, which remains closed after 6 PM. But take the right, which leads to Edamalayaar itself, via Vadattupara. 

               After Vadattupara, the road up to Edamalayaar is in very bad shape, and you may expect elephants, at every curve. We didn’t have an encounter any how. Just a km from the…

Meenuliyaan – The pain is worth

The beauty of this expedition lies in the fact that we didn’t expect much and we got more than the earlier ‘much’. As usual I, Sunil and our family got packed in the damn new WagonR – just done 100 kms – and were off by 2 PM on 26th Nov 2009. We were to join Sinesh and family from Ernakulam, at the Range Officer’s residence at Kothamangalam. We took MC Road upto Moovattupuzha, and deviated to Kothamangalam. Reached Dinesh’s residence at 8.30PM, to find that Sinesh and family were the early birds. Dinesh lead us in his 4WD Jeep, to Thattekkad Forest Inspection Bunglow,about 12 kms from Kothamangalam, were our night stay was arranged.

           While having food, Dinesh accidentally mentioned about the night patrol in the woods, and in minutes we were ready with the torches. Dinesh was confident enough to hand over the wheel to me, for he didn’t know, it was the first time I was driving a four wheel drive, and that too, through the forest tracks. The team took off by 11 PM, and the pat…