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KM Tiger Reserve - Approach from the west

Kalakkad Mundanthurai is the southern most tiger reserve of India, shortly known as KMTR. Normal access to the reserve is through Ambasamudram, in Thirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu, the eastern side of Western Ghats. There are pockets of tea plantations within the reserve viz. Manjolai, Nalumukku, Oothu etc. I had explored these place during March 2009 and could reach up to Upper Kodayar reservoir along the road from Ambasamudram (For that travelogue click here)

              Though the track extended beyond the reservoir, couldn't explore further as there was a gate with three locks, across the dam, blocking the passage. A TNEB employee who was guiding us then, revealed that the track beyond the gate lead to Muthukuli, the core of KMTR, to which permission is strictly denied. Muthukuli, being the western side of KMTR, is more close to my home town Trivandrum, but access to the place, as I knew, was only through the east, via Ambasamudram.

            In July 2010, Sunil, Dinesh a…

Kaarayaar Baanatheertham – The hiding beauty

Kaarayaar, a major tributary of the perennial river Thamraparni, originates from Agasthya hills, in the Western Ghats, joins Manimuthar, at the foot hill, and flows east to join Indian Ocean, near Thoothukkudi (Tuticorin). I had been earlier to the mountain sector where Manimuthar originates. Then onwards Kaarayaar was in the hit list. Thamraparni dam is built across Kaarayaar, near to its origin and came to know that, unlike in other reservoirs, Kaarayaar plunges into the vastness, locally known as Baanatheertham falls. To add, this one denies view to a regular visitor to the dam, unless you ride in a boat along the reservoir. Planned the visit as a part of our Dhanushkodi trip, which I had mentioned in my earlier post.                  Reached Kallidakurichi, close to Ambasamudram, by around 9 at night. The team comprised of four families, as detailed in the earlier post. While planning the trip, though I ploughed the web, couldn’t find a place to stay at Ambai. Then thought of an ol…