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Maramalai – The Clove Enclave

Maramalai, southern part of Western Ghats, is contiguous with KM Tiger reserve, and a small pocket with in it was released for clove plantations in early days. The plantation was under single ownership for long and later it was disposed off, part by part, and now there are 42 or so divisions. The residents of the place are the workers of the plantations and the caretakers. Clove is a seasonal crop and the presence of the estate owners, at the place, will be only during the season. Apart from that, they are occasional visitors, for paying the wages, and other such activities. 
                Maramalai, not being a tourist destination, do not have any accommodation facility, other than those connected with the plantations. Thus, if you wish to have a stay at the place, the only option is to share the available mean facilities with the residents, and that too is not readily granted. For instance, we had Vincent, a jeep driver at Keeripara, the base of Maramalai mount, a popular guy among…