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Aanakulam - Mangappara

Isolation being enjoyed

My first visit to Aanakulam, during june 2010, materialised consequent to a phone call, I recieved on a fine morning, while I was almost leaving for office.. It was from our friend Dinesh, a DFO with the forest dept., acting as the head of Forest Rapid Action Force. The content was that he was leaving for Marayoor, the same day after noon, in his car, and he would like to have me in company. Contacted Sinesh, who was at Ernakulam, and he too agreed to accompany. While driving towards Ernakulam to pick Sinesh, I put forward the idea of staying some where near Munnar, for the day, and proceeding to Marayoor, the next morning. Thus Aanakulam emerged as the night stay option. Dinesh rang up the RO concerned to arrange for the same.

             Aanakulam is a very remote – much close to isolated – tiny village in the Munnar valley, bordering thick woods and accessible only on sturdy 4 wheel drive vehicle. This village is frequented by elephants – even at noon – fro…

Ulakkai Aruvi - 26th September 2010

This was an extension to the expedition to Maramalai, which I had detailed in the earlier post. Climbed down Maramalai to our base camp Keeripara by noon.

        Ulakkai Aruvi is a beautiful falls on Pazhayar, close to its origin. It is so named as it resembles a wooden utensil in the shape of hour glass. Left Keeripara in our WagonR with Senthil, an estate supervisor based at Keeripara, who is very familiar with the sector. Hit Thadikarakonam and took left for Azhagiapandiapuram along SH 45 of Tamil Nadu. Short stop at Azhagiapandiapuram for gathering light eatables and entered the narrow road to the left, directed towards the Western Ghats.

  Passed by a beautiful lake with water all blue and the cameras went clicking. 

Oh ... forgot; Apart from Senthil, our guide, we were four - Pramod, Anoj, Sreekumar and the blogger.

           At the next turning, we had a distant view of the descent, which we found later, was just the upper part. 

From the very sight itself we could assess the a…