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The Chimmony Tale

I was busy with my office schedule while Sinesh called. It was 14th of December 2010 and until the call, I wasn't aware, that 16th was a holiday. I was informed that he was planning a trip to Chimminy wild life sanctuary, which was the lone one of Thrissur district. Discussed with Sunil and Renchi and , as usual, there weren't any hesitations. Decided to leave Trivandrum, by 9 AM, the very next day, to join Sinesh and Family at Angamaly, by evening, and reach Chimmoni before dusk. Sinesh took over the duty of arranging night stay at the Forest Inspection Bungalow.

        Chimoni wild life sanctuary got its name from the Chimony River flowing through it, which originates at the western slope of Nelliyampathi Hills. The river was dammed, forming the Chimmini reservoir, catering to the agricultural lands in the planes of Thrissur district. Flora and fauna are vivid, as the sanctuary is contiguous with the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve.

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More on the Anakulam Expedition

This post is in continuation to my earlier one, on the Aanakulam experience. Those who had gone through the earlier post may kindly recall the morning session at Anakkulam and premises, to have an idea on where the paradise on earth , we are, and others click here

          What I found was that the tiny village of Aanakkulam was very much blessed with water sources and all along the experience we had that mild roar of flow, in our ears. Though we were keen on raiding on the delicacies which awaited us at our dwelling, the description by Unni, our 4WD chauffeur, on 'Valiya Para Kutti', was capable to impose a rethought. Thus we cruised along another bumpy track, along the bank of Eetacholayar, for this dream destination.

As I had mentioned earlier, rivulets are aplenty in this region. The confluence of these rivulets results in three major flows namely Eetacholayar - which may be familiar to you by now - Karinthiriyaar, originating from the hillocks of Eravikulam National Park…