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Kukkal Chinnar Episode - 3

Day 3 - The Manjampatti Chapter         Day 1Day2Day 4

         The 'day' dawned at 'night'. Woke up by around 3 AM to the amazing sight of an untimely breakfast. It was Pramod behind the plate, with yester night's left over. Laughed out loud, awakening others, who joined suit. Though Pramod finished it off, unshaken, much more was in stock, for the hours to follow, to keep us grinning, for days to follow. Just laid in our 'beds', chatting, till the sun was up and packed up soon, for the day long trek to Manjampatti valley.

                     Initial part of the trek, along the base of 'Periya Mudiyan' and 'Chinna Mudiyan' mounts, was treacherous as the undergrowth to be negotiated was thorny, leaving the lower limbs scribbled over in red. The difficult stretch lasted for about an hour and we were in an open region, just below the above mentioned mounts.

           The trek then went through a patch of woods with the abundance of 'Kadu…

Kukkal – Chinnar Episode 2

Kukkal Valley to Kukkal Cave                    Day 1Day 3Day 4
       Day 2 started with exploring the Guest house and premises. While Biju was busy with his camera, Girish took us for a stroll.

          Twenty minutes down the terrain, got to the bank of Kuthirayaar, which borders the property. Few more careful steps along the bank took us to the edge from where the river plunges deep into the ravine.

         Though the falls presented a refreshing sight, the towering hillocks on the other side wasn’t a soothing one, as atop it, is our cave to end the day’s walk.

        Returned to the Guest House, had a nice breakfast and set out for the adventure.

                   Passed Ravi’s dwelling, accepted his wishes, crossed Kuthirayaar and started the climb.

               Apart from the visiting folk, the team comprised of Girish, the leader and two tribal workers,  Muniswamy & Rajendran, to assist him. Shola woods and grass lands appeared periodically and we had the luxury of w…