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Agasthyarkoodam – The Journey was the aim

Agasthyaarkoodam wasn’t new to us, but the option truly odd. I remember it was raining heavily, even while our plot for the crazy trek was under incubation. We were sure that the authorities would turn down our request, owing to the extreme climate conditions and hence planned a multi headed approach, with all the resources we had in the dept. And finally, at the outbreak of two sunny days at a stretch, we were permitted to hike. Thus five of us presented ourselves at the Bonaccord picket post, with all anxieties and fears suppressed, on a pleasant morning, with the sun shining at its best. 

             We were allotted a three member team, to guide and assist, foreseeing the troubles ahead, perhaps. Thus eight of us commenced the expedition, which turned out to be the most adventurous, so far in my life.
         A ‘warm’ welcome from leach brigade was well expected, and we weren’t annoyed, but hard set to fight. Couldn’t defend much longer, and I found many among us turning ‘M…