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PampadumChola - Vandaravu : Khardung La of Kerala

The peak of Vandaravu aka Bandaravu locally known as Bandar, falls on Kerala Tamilnadu border, on the erstwhile escapade route connecting Munnar Top Station and Berijam near Kodaikanal. While on an earlier visit to Paampadumchola, this particular board caught my attention which read “Highest road south of Himalayas”, and it was a wonder info for me, as it was in Kerala. Further enquiry revealed that the road was once motorable, but deprived of traffic since early 90s, for wild life concern.

        The journey, with an aim that high, started as early as on 3 AM and reached Pampaadumchola checkpost, near Top Station, by noon. As the trek was scheduled for the next morning, thought of some rest and occupied the log house maintained by the Forest dept., well inside Paampaadumchola national park. Pampadumshola itself is worth a visit and a night stay at the log house, aptly located at a misty hill side, will be an experience, memorable indeed. 

           Thickly weeded marshy…