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Kizhakkalaachi - The Eastern Heights

Idukki Wild Life Sanctuary is a low profile reserve with all its beauty and majesty hidden and unexplored. Kizhakkalachi is one among the hidden wonders not even popular with the local inhabitants. Access to these heights, is only through a remote village named Kizhukanam, connected by a dirt road from Valakode, about 30 km from Kattappana, the head quarters of Idukki district. Few buses ply between Kattappana and Kizhukanam, apart from which jeeps serve the connectivity with outer world.

        Thus we boarded the 4 Wheel Drive vehicle owned by Babu of Kizhukanam, after parking our vehicle at Valakode. The jerky drive ended at the forest station of Kizhukanam, from where two of the forest staff,  joined us to guide.Our vehicle carrying the seven member delegation drove up to Kizhukanam junction, deviated left and switched over to 4WD option, for the next part of the climb. After half an hour  of jumps and jerks, the drive ended at ‘Mulla’ and we got geared for the trek…