Friday, April 13, 2012

PaithalMala - The Meadow Serene

           Paithal Mala aka Vaithal Mala, the abode of rolling meadows, is an upcoming destination, lying 60 kms north-east of Kannur town and can be reached through Thaliparamba, Kudiyanmala and Pottanplavu. It’s roughly a three hour drive from Kannur town, at moderate speed, and the hill station is sure not to let you down.

     It was almost dusk, as we drove into the parking zone of ‘Mist Valley’, the lone functioning resort, in the valley of Paithal hills. Occupied our rooms and were presented with the premier show of the meadows ahead, from our Balcony. Stood there a while, not even bothering a fresh up after the long drive, as the light was to fade soon.

Arrow points the Watch tower
                              The cold night couldn’t disturb a sound sleep – such was the comfort – and trekkers were ready for the go, by 8 in the morning. 

         Drove up, shifting between first and second gears, till the track ends by the side of the building proposed for Pythal Mala resort by DTPC, which awaits an opening for long. Parked the vehicle and geared for the trek. 

                            The trek path soon entered woods, mildly leach infested and had occasional glimpse of the grass hill ahead through the clearance between the hills. 

           The hike was moderate and the woods cleared to meadows in one hour.The vastness of greenery stretching ahead, fold by fold, bordered by woods, was a soothing sight and we sat for snacks to build ourselves, for the next part through the meadow.

          Forgot to mention – aim is the watch tower, at the peak of the meadow and a view point further ahead, if energy level permit. In fact the watch tower is visible at a distance, once you clear the woods, and the stroll through the meadow is with the aim in your sight.Left the kids free of bounds, and they ran ahead, on the green ground of no limits. 

           Half way to the watch tower, mist spread, enhancing the beauty. Within half an hour of leisurely walk, which shall be enjoyed the most, hit the first goal – The watch tower.


         The tower is not something that high but a small structure, which is almost in ruins. Top of the tower presents a better view of the greenery and by then the mist curtain grew thicker.

            Got down and headed for the view point, further down. Walked up to the fenced edge, and could spot the resort in the valley, often veiled by mist. The building of DTPC, where we had started the trek from, is also visible, if mist permits.

Resort in the valley
DTPC Building from where the trek commences

       Got back to the tower and sat chatting, while the kids played around. You will never feel like leaving the place, secluded and left for you alone, unless the time concerns wake you up.

                   Off the meadows, penetrated the woods and hit the vehicle by 12.30 PM. Back at the resort, the kids enjoyed a dip in the pool, while the elders were busy with the pack up.

       Before leaving, got out to the balcony with my camera, intending a parting shot; but aborted the attempt, as the meadow serene stood inviting.

    This article was published in February edition of 'Destination Kerala'


  1. Superb !!! Feeling to go there now itself !!!

  2. Thank you Steve..Proceed right away LOL

  3. Hi...can you please share some info regarding where to stay and also the rates...

    1. Srikanth : Check your inbox

    2. send me too please .. thanks!


    4. I didn't mention that there is a DTPC office at Paithalmala. The big building at the start of the trek path belongs to DTPC which was built to run a resort.

  4. Hi...can you please share some info regarding where to stay and also the rates...
    Also, is that an area suitable to tour alone on my bike??
    how are the men there? helpful and open.??

  5. and, are you able to suggest some places within 500km from Kannur which are suitable for solo touring on bike..???

    1. Very sorry for being late to reply. The only place of stay available near Paithalmala is Mist Valley and they charge some where around 1000 bucks for a double room. And they have a dorm too. People are good to deal with, as far as I know

      And if you are planning Mountain routes, you may go for Kanjirakolly, Aaralam, Paalukachi Hills, Ramuchi etc

    2. what the things do in paithalamala?how much time needed for trekking to view point?replay my id

    3. The attraction is just the trek through Grasslands. It will take less than an hour

  6. വൈതല്‍മല

  7. shinu .. a great travelog and love your description & commentary. thanks!

  8. Great article and great adventure. You may also include a link to the Kerala Tourpedia article about Paithalmala, which has some detailed info:


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